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At Twin Power Books, you'll find all things Twin Power! Visit often to find free content, upcoming releases, ways to purchase Twin Power merchandise, and to sign up for email alerts and activity-filled newsletters. 

National Honors & Acknowledgments

Twin Power Books has received several awards and national recognition from major book reviewers. 


About Twin Power

Smart, Affordable Fun for Toddlers & Young Children

This is the place to visit for all things Twin Power!


Twin Power is the first in a series of Twin Power Books starring fraternal twins named Simone and Sebastian. The twins learn how to work together and teach little readers about what it means to be a twin and a best friend.


The stories and adventures that the twins experience will show all children how to use teamwork to accomplish tasks.


Through a series of activities included at the back of each book, little readers will practice memorization while having fun coloring. 


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