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In their educational picture book Twin Power, Benjamin Young and Kiyanda Young share joys unique to those with a twin sibling. Sister and brother Simone and Sebastian may not look alike or be the same gender, yet they were born on the same day. This is because they are fraternal twins. Regardless of whether twins are identical or fraternal, they share a special bond, a connection that Simone and Sebastian call “twin power.” Whether it’s playtime, dinnertime, or bedtime, these siblings consistently show how their special relationship brings benefits and happiness to each day’s activities. While most of the book demonstrates various times when Simone and Sebastian’s twin power provides them with practical advantages, it ends with memory questions that help with reading comprehension and a handful of fun coloring book images.

Before the book’s first illustration, authors Benjamin and Kiyanda Young prove their authority on the subject of twin power, and it isn’t their doctorate degrees; the Youngs are parents of their own set of twins. Keeping this children’s book informational and approachable, the opening pages explain what twins are as well as the difference between identical and fraternal twins. Lively pictures depict each scene with enough color and energy to keep even very young pre-readers engaged. Though the story focuses on twins, I appreciated how the lessons on sharing, collaboration, and being kind are applicable to everyone. Perfect for children with friends or schoolmates who are twins, Twin Power is a charming and enlightening book about cooperation and kindness that will make you wish you had a twin.

Reviewed by David Korson for Readers' Favorite

Twin Power: The Best Snow Day Ever (The Twin Power Series) written by Benjamin Young, M.D. and Kiyanda Young, M.D. is a fun story about the joys of sharing life’s experiences with someone by your side. Simone and Sebastian are twins who wake up to the thrill of a snow day. As the twins enjoy a day filled with snow angels and snowball fights, they learn about their unique strengths and ability to bring out the best in each other. Bright and colorful illustrations by Imre Papp accompany this heartwarming story. Many educational activities are included that will enrich the experience for young readers. Children will be encouraged to learn with comprehension questions, and coloring, counting, and matching games.

Twin Power: The Best Snow Day Ever is a meaningful story with a valuable message about sharing your gifts with others and the good that can be accomplished when we have support and work together toward a common goal. Many children will relate to Sebastian and Simone as they encourage one another. Young readers will be engaged and entertained with the various learning activities provided. The comprehension questions will expand children’s understanding and reinforce lessons from this uplifting story. Parents, teachers, and caregivers will find this book to be a helpful resource in teaching children about the importance of recognizing their strengths as well the positive impact that can result by having a trustworthy companion by your side. This is a highly recommended read.

Reviewed by Melinda Facal for Readers' Favorite

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