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What Readers Have to Say

“As an early childhood educator, I am thrilled with the idea of taking a child’s most unique quality and turning it into a super power. Every time I read this story in the classroom, it invites all of the children to explore what is unique about themselves and why that helps them to be better people. The most important thing we can do for young children is teach them to be confident in who they are as individuals, and “Twin Power” speaks exactly to that lesson, with fun and vibrant illustrations that keep the children engaged in the story.”

Meaghan Wilcox
Executive Director, Creme de la Creme Learning Center

"Twin Power is a joyful ode to the uniqueness that comes with being a twin. Young readers will find delight in reading about the adventures of Simone and Sebastian. The fun-loving story, coupled with the engaging illustrations, will have young readers eager to read even more about the twins’ adventures. The theme of using what makes one unique as a “power” is something all readers can relate to. It begs the question—whether a twin or not—what’s your own personal 'super power'?"

Stephanie P. Cunningham, M.Ed.


"Our son requests Twin Power as his bedtime story every night! We love reading about the twins’ special bond and the illustrations are wonderful!"

Brina Vaughn, RDH and Paris Vaughn, DDS

Parents of a 2-year-old boy

“I fully recommend Twin Power as a 20+year educator of Fairfax County (Virginia) Public School system. The illustration captures the essence of diversity and multiculturalism, which develops inclusion among communities. The creative authors have intentionally and successfully met the need of a book reflective of sibling support of families with twins. This story celebrates the uniqueness of twins that fosters acceptance and further elevates their individualism. As an educator, I seek publications that depict self-identification to motivate and build self-esteem for young readers. This book is often used to reinforce team building among young children. I enjoyed reading, sharing, and using this book as part of my professional curriculum. I’m looking forward to adding more books from these authors to my resource library in the near future.”

Susan Sang Johnson

Multi-age Special Education Professional

“Unleashing the amazing power of partnership through the celebration of ‘twinship,’ Twin Power is filled with such an intriguing story combined with an emphasis on necessary social skills that aid in the holistic development of children. The added comprehension questions that require readers to use context clues from the amazing illustrations make Twin Power a must-have for children. I believe every reader will walk away appreciating their twin more if they have one; and if they don’t have one, they’ll be wishing they had one to experience the super cool power of twins.”

Troy H. Wilson, II

Dean of Students, Great Oaks Charter School (New York)

"Twin Power is a story about Simone and Sabastian, twins, who outline how special having a twin can be. The story teaches kids what makes twins, the different combinations of twins, and the special advantages twins have. It's a great bedtime story or a learning tool for developing readers. The writers did an excellent job providing the experience of being a twin to young readers."

Kareem Massiah

Educator and father of 2 young daughters

“As an educator and learning specialist, I was excited to find the reading comprehension follow-up included in this delightful story of twins and the power of two … encourages continued parent-child communication and promotes valuable early literacy skills, including vocabulary and language awareness.”

Gail Whitley

Learning Specialist, Executive Function Coach

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